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The Webb Law Firm is an experienced OUI, DUI, DWI & criminal defense law firm. If you need strong defense against serious criminal charges in Maine, Maine lawyer John S. Webb can help. Attorney Webb focuses on operating under the influence, driving under the influence, and other criminal defense cases. Even if you have been arrested on a serious charge, you have legal rights and we are here to help protect them. Every client we represent deserves and gets our undivided attention.

We will put in the time and effort required to help bring your case to a positive resolution. We will fight your case vigorously, especially when negotiating with state prosecutors. Should your case go to trial, which the overwhelming majority of cases never do, we will use the same decades of experience and deep knowledge of the latest criminal law code when cross-examining witnesses and addressing the jury.

Maine OUI/DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney John S. Webb

At Webb Law, we have experience with a variety of criminal law practice areas, and have built a solid a record of successfully representing clients charged with:

Aggravated assault
Domestic violence
Murder and manslaughter
Grand theft
Drug crimes

Contact criminal attorney John S. Webb or criminal lawyer Kathleen M. Campbell by calling 207-283-6400 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to schedule a free consultation with our legal team. You may also contact our office by using our online contact form. We represent individuals in Saco, Portland, and throughout Maine.

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