Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer or Attorney – John S. Webb

Maine Federal Criminal Attorney John S. Webb

Disciplined and Aggressive Federal Criminal Defense

Criminal defense attorney John S. Webb will evaluate the United States federal criminal charges against you, explain your legal options, and discuss potential federal law legal strategies for your criminal defense in federal court.

Attorney Webb will investigate all relevant factors in your case and look for a basis on which the consequences can be minimized or avoided altogether. He has extensive experience in negotiating for reduced charges and alternative sentencing options.

The penalties for violating federal drug laws get more severe if a United States attorney can prove intent to distribute. Unlawful possession of drugs is covered in 17-AMRSA Section 1107-A. If you were arrested and charged with attempting to distribute illegal drugs, you need a ready-for-battle lawyer who knows the Maine district court system,  and the intricacies of federal law.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Will Fight For You in Federal Court

Like any good drugs lawyer, defense attorney John S. Webb is respectful, responsive, professional and knowledgeable – and has the knowledge and experience to challenge a district attorney and protect your rights in your criminal case. He is compassionate and responsive as well as hardworking and zealous in the pursuit of positive outcomes for his clients in both state and federal court.

Saco and Portland Maine defense lawyer John Webb’s knowledge of the federal law court system and his respect for his clients is evident in all his work. Mr. Webb has practiced law in Maine for over 20 years, and has represented thousands of relieved clients throughout the entire state of Maine. John is fully committed to a great attorney client relationship.

If you face federal charges such as illegal drug possession in the Federal criminal justice system or District court in Maine, or white collar crimes, turn to one of the state’s most highly-acclaimed and experienced criminal defense attorneys – John S. Webb of Webb Law Firm. John offers free legal advice for all criminal cases during your initial consultation at his attorney’s office.

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