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Maine DUI Defense

A conviction in Maine for Operating Under the Influence OUI (commonly called DUI in most other states) can have serious, life-changing consequences:

  • You can go to jail – even on your first drunk driving offense.
  • Your license can be suspended even before you go to court.
  • Your license can be suspended for your entire lifetime.
  • Your license can be suspended even if you live in another state.
  • You can be fined thousands of dollars.

Even if you think you failed the field sobriety tests miserably, or your OUI case involves a refusal to submit to a chemical test that determines your blood alcohol level, call us and let us see what we can do. We have represented a lot of clients whose case looked hopeless and they were ready to just plead guilty and accept the consequences.

CDL Truck Drivers: You will lose your license (and your livelihood) for a year for a first conviction – and lose your commercial driver’s license forever upon your second conviction of a Maine OUI. Call me before you go into court alone.

Other Maine DUI penalties for those charged with OUI and subsequently convicted can include increased insurance costs, limitations on travel to other countries, license suspension, and serious job implications, to name only a few. Potential clients call us and ask, “Will I get time in jail for a first offense misdemeanor?” The answer is the maximum jail time is 364 days. Maine DUI laws changes constantly so you need an experienced OUI lawyer like John Scott Webb to put up the best Maine DUI defense.

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Talk with defense attorney John S. Webb for a confidential DUI case review at no charge. Read Big John’s trial lawyer client reviews at Google. During this initial DUI lawyer free consultation John will begin to formulate your best OUI defense given the case facts, such as a damaging sobriety test result. You can also request a free case review for other types of criminal cases, such as federal court and district court drug and gun law violations, to receive free DUI lawyer advice.

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