Maine DUI Conviction and Canadian Travel

Under Canadian law, a DUI conviction in Maine (or elsewhere in the U.S.) can make you an “inadmissible person.” An “inadmissible person” cannot visit or stay in Canada because they have been convicted of certain crimes in, or outside of, Canada.

DUI offenses that make you ineligible for Canadian travel:

  • Conviction for impaired driving offense
  • Suspended license for excessive blood alcohol levels
  • Conviction or license suspension for failing to take a breath, blood or urine alcohol test
  • Outstanding warrants and pending charges or trials for impaired driving offenses

The United States government shares driver license and court records with Canadian immigration authorities. If you are traveling to Canada, you should assume that the Canadian government will find out about any DUI charges you have or will face.

You may still enter Canada legally if:

Note: Attorney Webb does not practice in Canada. This information is for advisory purposes only. Please contact the Canadian Consulate with questions regarding Canadian law and inadmissibility.

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